Pivotal GemFire® v8.0

Downloading Pivotal GemFire and Spring Data GemFire Components

Downloading Pivotal GemFire and Spring Data GemFire Components

You can obtain the necessary components to develop applications from the following locations, or you can obtain them from a public repository by using the Maven or Gradle build tools to specify the repository and dependencies.

Follow the instructions included with each download to install the components on your computer.

Note: If you download the Spring Data GemFire examples from GitHub, the download includes gradle scripts that download the gemfire.jar file, and the Spring Framework and Spring Data Gemfire jar files. (See Spring Data GemFire Code Examples.)

Obtaining Spring Data Gemfire and GemFire from a Public Repository

You can use the Maven or Gradle utilities to download the Spring Framework, the gemfire.jar file, and Spring Data GemFire. For example, in Maven, in the pom.xml file, add the following repository to download the gemfire.jar file and the dependency on Spring Data GemFire:
       <name>Spring Artifactory Plugins(Dependencies) Repository</name>


Note: The gemfire.jar file that is available from the repositories or downloaded by the gradle scripts includes only the GemFire Java API and is not a full installation of GemFire. See Installing Pivotal GemFire for instructions on how to obtain a full installation.