Pivotal GemFire® v8.0

Spring Data GemFire Code Examples

Spring Data GemFire Code Examples

A set of Java code examples demonstrate coding of Spring Data GemFire applications. The examples include Java source files, Spring application context XML configuration files, and the gradle utility. The gradle utility downloads the gemfire.jar file, (the GemFire API) the Spring Framework, and Spring Data Gemfire.

The examples are ready to run using the provided instructions. (See the files in each example directory for build and run instructions.) Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.6 or later is required to build and run the examples.

The advanced examples (advanced/gateway and advanced/locator-failover) require a full installation of GemFire. You may use a trial license to run the examples.

The examples download also includes an instance of the gradle build tool that you can use to run the examples. You can also run a gradle task that creates Eclipse project files that you can import into the STS or Eclipse IDEs. (Gradle is a build automation tool similar to Ant or Maven and is included with the examples.)

The examples are also available from GitHub at the following URL:

You can also use the following git command (a git client is required) to download the examples:

git clone git://

The "Additional Resources" sections within each configuration topic list examples directories where you can find the full code.