Pivotal GemFire® v8.0

Additional Spring Data GemFire Examples

Additional Spring Data GemFire Examples

Other Spring Data GemFire examples demonstrate additional features, which are not discussed in this chapter.

Table 1. Additional GemFire Features
Example Feature Description Additional Resources
advanced/gateway WAN gateways allow you to synchronize Pivotal GemFire data across geographically distributed areas.
advanced/locator-failover If a GemFire locator service fails, you can configure fail over to another member.

Use the Spring Data GemFireTemplate to access region data. The Gemfire template wraps a native GemFire Region and translates GemFire checked exceptions and native runtime exceptions into a Spring DataAccessExceptions RuntimeException hierarchy.

quickstart/repository Use the Spring Data repository abstraction to easily persist entities into GemFire and execute queries.
quickstart/spring-cache Use the Spring Framework @Cacheable annotation with GemFire.