Pivotal GemFire® v8.0

Developing with Pivotal GemFire

Developing with Pivotal GemFire

Developing with Pivotal GemFire explains main concepts of application programming with Pivotal GemFire. It describes how to plan and implement regions, data serialization, event handling, delta propagation, transactions, and more.

Although this section primarily discusses using the GemFire cache.xml file to configure GemFire and using the GemFire API to write applications, Java developers can also use the Spring Data GemFire API to configure a distributed GemFire system and write applications that access and use data stored in GemFire. Spring Data GemFire provides many advantages for creating such applications with GemFire.

For more information on the advantages of using Spring with GemFire, see Getting Started with Spring Data GemFire.

For more documentation on Spring Data GemFire, see Spring Data GemFire Reference Guide.

For information about GemFire REST application development, see Developing REST Applications for Pivotal GemFire.